Dr Paolo Di Leo awarded Prestigious Onassis Foundation Fellowship for Foreigners

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The Onassis Foundation has generously awarded Dr. Paolo Di Leo the 23rd Fellowship for Foreigners to study in Athens, Greece during the Winter Semester of 2018. The Onassis Foundation Fellowship is a very prestigious recognition of one’s research and is designed to help researchers, who focus either or Greek culture or on themes related to Greece, to have the possibility to conduct their studies in Greece for a certain period, so as to establish and develop collaborations with other researches as well as to be able to access research materials difficult to consult outside of Greece. As such, the fellowship entails collaborating at a Greek university, while conducting one’s research.

Dr. Paolo Di Leo will collaborate with Prof. Ioannis Kalogerakos, of the Capodistrian University of Athens. His project will be to deepen his studies on Plotinus’ Ennead III 8, on which he is writing a commentary. While in Athens, he will also deliver three different talks to communicate the advances in his research to his colleagues there. He will also help Prof. Kalogerakos to organize a graduate level seminar on Neoplatonism and contemporary philosophy, with a particular focus on the relation between Plotinus and thinkers such as Bergson and Deleuze. A tangible result of his study under the patronage of the Onassis Foundation will be the publication, within 24 months from the end of my stay in Athens, of an article on the theme of his research in a peer reviewed journal.