DH Asia Webinar Series: “Computational Methods and Intangible Cultural Heritage” by Dr. Miguel Escobar Varela

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Hello & Happy New Year! Please mark your calendar & register for the next DH Asia Webinar session on February 2nd at 2pm (Singapore Time):

The next DH Asia Webinar session features Dr. Miguel Escobar Varela, Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Varela’s talk is titled “Computational Methods and Intangible Cultural Heritage.” The session will be moderated by Dr. Alastair Gornall, Associate Professor in History and Religion at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

What is the DH Asia Webinar series? The year 2023 marks DHARTI & KADH’s joining the ADHO! To celebrate this occasion and to keep the momentum of the growing DH Asia community, we* decided to launch a monthly webinar series. This series is specially designed for DH researchers based in Asia as well as DH scholars whose works concern Asia. By musing on the intersection of DH and Asia, the series aims to recognize a variety of endeavors that have informed DH in the region and to nurture emerging DH efforts that are shaping the future of DH Asia.

More on the DH Asia Webinar series rationale when the official website launches. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at Dr. Varela’s talk on February 2. Please make sure to register in order to receive the Zoom link!


*We, the planners:

  • Chen Jing, Nanjing University, China
  • Hsiung-ming Liao, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Jae-Yon Lee, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Jinho Park, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Kiyonori Nagasaki, International Institute for Digital Humanities, Japan
  • Lik Hang Tsui, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Lyndsey Twining, Academy of Korean Studies, Korea
  • Miguel Escobar Varela, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Nirmala Menon, Indian Institutes of Technology, Indore, India
  • Richard Tzong-Han Tsai, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Setsuko Yokoyama Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
  • Xingkun Liang, Peking University, China