This presentation will discuss some of the challenges encountered when translating social and political cartoons drawn during the Reformasi period from Bahasa Indonesia (and its variants) into English. Symbols and facts that are implicitly understood by Indonesian readers require explanation for foreign readers. This should be done with brevity, even levity, in keeping with the spirit of the cartoons.

Speaker’s Bio

Dr J. Casey Hammond is a Senior Lecturer in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Interested in tensions of modernity and globalization, he focuses on cultures and perspectives of persons whose lives cross various boundaries. Dr Hammond currently studies migration between Indonesia and Taiwan.

For further information, please contact the Jalinan Budi Seminar Series Convenor, A/P Mukhlis Abu Bakar (mukhlis.abubakar@nie.edu.sg).

Jalinan Budi Seminar (22 Feb 2017)