The philosophy of Plato is often understood as based on a strict dualism, in which on the one hand there is the world of ideas, on the other that of sense experience. This perspective obscures Plato’s approach to reality, in which there is no space for any dualism. For Plato reality is only one, but articulated on two levels. The level that we more directly experience, i.e. that of sense experience can be fully understood only by elaborating a series of concauses, organized in a dialectical system. This system is not static, but through an ascensional movement of the human mind allows us to reach the original causes of reality.

Speaker’s Bio

Professor Maurizio Migliori is Emeritus Professor at the University of Macerata, Italy. He is among the most distinguished scholars of Plato. He has published several commentaries on a number of Plato’s dialogues, besides editing and commenting key treatises of the Aristotelian corpus. His monumental two volumes work, Il disordine ordinato, Morcelliana, 2013 (The Orderly Disorder) is already a point of reference for whoever wants to approach Plato’s work, as in it not only the different approaches are considered and discussed, but an original understanding of Plato’s thought is proposed.

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