About the Conference

This conference focuses on a key issue: how do we attract, support, and retain women in the technology and design sectors so as to ensure greater diversity in these critical realms? Extensive research has been undertaken on issues confronting women in the STEM disciplines to understand how their career advancement may be compromised by various factors at the structural, institutional, and individual levels. The conference features notable academics and industry professionals who will share their rich insights.

The conference discussion will be organised around four themes:

  1. Attracting women to join the technology and design sectors
  2. Supporting girls and women in school as they prepare for careers in technology and design
  3. Retaining women in these industries through concrete policy and workplace interventions that can mitigate attrition
  4. Thriving!  When women are well supported at every stage of their technology and design trajectory, their chances of having successful and rewarding careers is boosted, and these industries will also benefit from their continued participation.

The conference will be more than a forum for the exchange of ideas. It can also play a critical role in signalling the importance of the issue, as well as providing a mentoring opportunity for the women who participate. In view of SUTD’s strong and consistent efforts to recruit female students, the university has been able to maintain a healthy gender distribution that makes ours an inclusive and diverse technology and design-centric university.  To set the agenda on this critical issue, our conference involving academics, industry professionals, and students, and focuses on how we can enhance gender diversity and support women’s advancement in the technology and design sectors. We will also be launching the Women in Technology Special Interest Group of the Singapore Computer Society at our conference.

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