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Shin Min Daily News, 12 Aug 2023, Demystifying age and intelligence (summarised translation)

The article explores the cognitive functions of fluid abilities and crystalised abilities. Studies have shown that while fluid capacity begins to decline after adolescence, crystallization capacity continues to increase after the age of sixty. However, the number of words known and vocabulary ability (crystallisation ability), tend to increase gradually with the accumulation of experience, and can continue to increase even at the age of 65.

Another piece of research showed that people’s fluid ability can be improved through brain training. We can try to learn new skills or knowledge in our daily life, such as learning a new language, musical instrument, painting, etc. You can also play some intellectual games that require reasoning and logical thinking, such as Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku. Even take the initiative to face the problems in life, maintain curiosity about the world around you, and cultivate the habit of reflection, thereby enhancing knowledge, reasoning and the ability to solve new problems.

Hence, it seems that seeking new knowledge helps build up our crystallised intelligence over time, and challenging ourselves with new experiences improves our fluid intelligence. We should continue to encourage the elderly around us to try new things, new activities, and keep learning, which can help them improve and enhance their fluid abilities, making them more flexible and confident when facing new problems and challenges.

Shin Min Daily News, 12 Aug 2023, Demystifying age and intelligence