23 October HASS Pedagogy Colloquia Series

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Shakespeare at Scale: Advancing Digital Humanities and Literary-Linguistic Education through Computational Analysis

What’s in a (Shakespearean) name? An iconographical pattern? An influential text? Addressing such questions algorithmically involves learning to anatomize, model, and extend the qualitative in quantitative terms. Shakespeare at Scale develops an interactive learning platform that combines literary and historical scholarship on Shakespeare’s early modern England with emerging research methods in computational analysis and digital technology. In particular, our project will culminate in a teaching and research module that will enable current and future SUTD and MIT students of the jointly developed Global Shakespeares elective to use natural language processing (NLP) and computational analysis to track large-scale patterns across historical textual corpora. These textual corpora consist of large databases of digitized documents from Shakespeare’s time that can give scholars of the early modern world new insight about the social, political, and historical developments that shaped Shakespeare’s groundbreaking work.

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