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3 06, 2024

HASS Talk: Nature–Nurture Through the Lens of Cross-Generational Cultural Transmission by Dr. Ryutaro Uchiyama

From Galton to GWAS, the modern nature–nurture debate has remained rooted in a static conception of the human environment for the last 150 years. In reality, our environments are profoundly shaped by the cross-generational dynamics of cultural transmission, which channel human brain development into otherwise unreachable trajectories. In this talk, I describe a theoretical framework that describes the integration of these cumulative cultural dynamics with the study of cognitive development. […]

26 04, 2024

HASS Talk: Meat is Murder: Southeast Asia’s Oldest Ethical Code

In this talk, Alastair Gornall will introduce his team’s MOE-funded research on pre-colonial, Southeast Asian natural philosophy and ecological thought. […]

17 04, 2024

Festival of Ideas in the Humanities and Social Sciences: “Singapura before Raffles: early modern Asia in the Global Renaissance”

The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences cluster at SUTD is excited to invite you to a roundtable on the global Renaissance jointly organized by SUTD, NUS, and the Ministry of Education’s inaugural Festival of Ideas in the Humanities and Social Sciences, a month-long celebration of innovative ideas in the arts. […]

3 04, 2024

Festival of Ideas in the Humanities and Social Sciences: “How the humanities and social sciences can help us hack the STEM fields”

SUTD and the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) cluster are delighted to invite you to our roundtable “How the Humanities and Social Sciences Can Help Us Hack to STEM Fields,” which has been jointly organized with the Ministry of Education as part of the MOE’s inaugural Festival of Ideas in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our HASS colleagues will be sharing their research on the exciting ways the humanities and social sciences can help us imagine a better world by design using human-centric technology and computational innovation. […]

28 02, 2024

HASS Colloquium Series: Achieving the digital equity for students with special educational needs by Dr. Sin Kuen Fung Kenneth

In COVID-19 crisis, schools are suspended for a substantial period Hong Kong. Online teaching becomes popular in mainstreaming schools. However, there are great challenges to special schools for students with special educational needs, regarding the limited resources in technology and students’ competency in using the technology. Prof. Kenneth Sin will discuss how students with special educational needs will benefit from the technology in learning. […]

12 12, 2023

HASS Workshop: Visions of Microbial Health: A Conversation between Biologists, Anthropologists and Artists

This workshop will initiate a conversation between biologists, anthropologists and artists to discuss venues of critical thinking on relations between microbes and health in a rapidly changing planet. The meeting will provide inspiration for an exhibition project and a collaborative white paper that aim for a reflexive account of microbial cultures. […]

1 12, 2023

HASS Colloquium Series: Supplying Colors and en-Route Science: German Synthetic Dyestuffs in Modern China in the Early 20th Century by Ms. Lejie Zeng

At the turn of the 20th century, the German organic chemical industry began exporting coal tar-based synthetic dyestuffs to China. Surprisingly, China, which for centuries had been the leading manufacturer of exquisite textiles and natural dyestuffs, became the world’s largest buyer of chemical dyestuffs. […]

28 09, 2023

HASS Colloquium Series: Disinformation: A Successful Narrative on Shaky Ground by Prof. Dr. Jeanette Hofmann

Compared to the importance we attribute today to disinformation our reliable knowledge of its effects is still surprisingly low. The few empirical studies on the impact of disinformation so far mainly refer to the USA and Western Europe. They arrive at largely consistent findings, which seem to contradict the public perception of disinformation. […]

17 08, 2023

HASS Conversations in Design, Technology, and Society Series | Hazardous Data: The Entanglements of Digital Debt in India

This talk introduces a new research project I will be conducting on digital lending and everyday forms of indebtedness in India through an analysis of scandals around “fake loan apps.” Developed by quasi-legal companies who engaged in aggressive loan recovery tactics “fake loan aps” were responsible for driving several borrowers to commit suicide. […]

14 07, 2023

HASS Colloquium Series: Intersecting research and pedagogy: Structures of control and empowerment by Dr Roslynn Ang

My research focuses on the everyday lives of the Indigenous Ainu people as they negotiate the media and cultural landscape of settler colonial Japan and its discourse of racial homogeneity. I critique the normalization of settler society and its structures using various decolonizing methodologies from the Indigenous theoretical traditions. […]