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18 03, 2019

Digital Humanities – Working with different kinds of ‘text’ in the Digital Humanities

The goal of this conference is to put into conversation scholarly practices relating to the computational analysis and interpretation of different aspects of texts in the humanities. [...]

22 02, 2019

HASS Colloquium Series (By Kah-Wee Lee) – Las Vegas in Singapore : Violence, Progress and the Crisis of Nationalist Modernity

In this talk, Kah-Wee will share excerpts from his recently published monograph, Las Vegas in Singapore: Violence, Progress and the Crisis of Nationalist Modernity (NUS Press, 2019) [...]

20 02, 2019

HASS Colloquium Series (By Prof Hironori Kato) – Wider Economic Impacts of Major Transportation Investment on Multiple Geographic Scales: From Urban Rail to Airport System Development

Abstract While major transportation projects are progressively promoted to enhance firm productivity and lead to economic growth, there are increasing public concerns over the net economic benefits of multibillion-dollar spending in urban and regional transportation systems. Such policy debates not only call for more rigorous transportation project assessments in practice but also ignite academic interests in grasping “wider economic impacts” via accessibility […]
15 02, 2019

HASS Colloquium Series (By Dr Teoh Chin Leong) – Forget me, Forget me not : The Ethics of Memory Editing Technologies

Scientific experiments have already been conducted to test the scope and limits of memory modifying technologies. [...]

2 02, 2019

Selling Utopia: The Good Life as a Commodity in Singapore’s Early Advertisements | Selling Dreams

From the pre-modern to contemporary periods, Singapore has had a vibrant history of being imagined as a utopia. Most of these were top-down political narratives, but it was with the onset of print media that utopia began to be packaged as a commodity. [...]

11 01, 2019

Current Issues in Game Theory and Social Dynamics

Please RSVP here The role of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on social dynamics from a theoretical and experimental perspective. These fields have experienced unprecedented expansions in recent years, for a multitude of reasons. An important development is the spread of behavioral game-theoretic experiments both as tools for uncovering the fundamental motivations of strategic behavior, and as motivators for […]
20 11, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (By Shazade Jameson) – Global Data Justice in an era of Big Data: What are the questions for Singapore’s Smart Nation?

The ‘big data revolution’ is a powerful tool transforming human and economic development. Data-driven decision-making seems to answer the needs for efficiency, transparency, objectivity and security. [...]

14 11, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (By Associate Professor Ioannis Kalogerakos) – ‘The Philosophy of Human Affairs’: Ethics and Politics in Aristotle

Aristotle approaches ethics and politics as intertwined branches of philosophy. He argues for the interconnection between ethics and politics (i) by outlining the dimensions and the extent of human actions, individual and social alike, (ii) by declaring the essence of man as a political, i.e. a social being, and (iii) by underlining the role of city(/state) for the unfolding of man’s humanity and the achievement of happiness. [...]

2 11, 2018

Book Launch: Urban Ethics in the Anthropocene

This book aims to examine how urbanization and the urban process can create new ethical categories, shape new moral identities and relations, and lead to consequences that are morally significant. [...]

21 08, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (By Dr Jörg Gross) – How Independence Shapes Individualism, Cooperation, and the Provision of Public Goods

Climatic changes, population growth, and economic scarcity alone and together create shared problems that can be tackled effectively through cooperation and coordination. Perhaps because cooperation and coordination is fragile and easily breaks down [...]