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2 11, 2018

Book Launch: Urban Ethics in the Anthropocene

This book aims to examine how urbanization and the urban process can create new ethical categories, shape new moral identities and relations, and lead to consequences that are morally significant. [...]

21 08, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (By Dr Jörg Gross) – How Independence Shapes Individualism, Cooperation, and the Provision of Public Goods

Climatic changes, population growth, and economic scarcity alone and together create shared problems that can be tackled effectively through cooperation and coordination. Perhaps because cooperation and coordination is fragile and easily breaks down [...]

15 08, 2018

Art Markman (University of Texas) – The Public Communication of Science: Secrets for Engaging with Media to Promote Science Literacy

There are many reasons to want to communicate scientific progress to broader audiences. People are often fascinated by what science has learned. [...]

7 08, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (Prof Suzanne Flynn) – Last In, First Out: Does Language Loss Reverse First Language Acquisition?

Abstract Are there significant changes in language during the prodromal course in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)? If so, are these distinct from changes in normal healthy aging? What is the nature of these changes. Do they reverse the developmental order we see in children’s first language acquisition? A “regression hypothesis”? Do these changes in language correspond to what we know […]
24 07, 2018

Dr. Taylor Shelton (Mississippi State University) – Actually Existing Geographies of Smart Urbanism: Citizenship, Expertise and Post-truth Politics

While the explosion of new sources of data has left cities clamoring to become ‘smart’, the availability of this data hasn’t led to an inexorable shift towards either more rational governance nor more equitable outcomes. [...]

19 06, 2018

Abu Salim in Africa: Cinema and the Lebanese Emigrant Experience

In this talk, I discuss the role that Lebanese cinema has played in articulating anxieties over emigration by exploring the long history of Lebanese engagement with the African continent. [...]

6 06, 2018

HASS Digital Humanities Seminar

What is the Internet? If we type this question (ironically on the Internet) we receive a quasi-infinite number of answers from varying branches of science: studies, theories, hypotheses, metaphors or visualizations, i.e. pictures and maps. [...]

17 05, 2018

Cartographic Operations

Art, Science, and Politics in Southeast Asia [...]

29 03, 2018

Sight and Sound: Challenges and Ethics of Visual Representations of War and Conflict in Asia

A still from recently uncovered footage of Korean ‘comfort women’ in Japan’s Imperial Army when they were caught by the US-China joint forces in Lungling, China, 1944. Courtesy of US National Archives and Records Administration Sight and Sound: Challenges and Ethics of Visual Representations of War and Conflict in Asia Abstract Cable and internet-based news outlets increasingly beam in vivid footage of […]
26 03, 2018

Waste, Pollution and Design in Asia

This workshop will examine contemporary intersections of historical or everyday waste management practices, emerging waste problems and future designs for sustainability in Asia. [...]