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Films made at the Non-Fiction Film Lab (located at the IDiA Annex) are produced by SUTD students enrolled in the elective, ‘Non-fiction and Ethnographic Film: Theory and Practice” (02.131) taught by Sandeep Ray. Students in the DH-minor programme should discuss enrolment with DH-minor advisor Alastair Gornall. Pre-requisites include prior exposure to media production and/or visual studies.

List of Films
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Jiak: 3 Hawker Stories (10 min)

What are the challenges faced by hawkers of different generations to remain in their chosen trade?
By Lee Yu Hui, Chelsea Foo Shu Qi, Sng Xue Le Candace.

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The Digital Ladder (11 min)

A social experiment on how technology impacts our lives.
By Lee Yu Hui, Chelsea Foo Shu Qi, Sng Xue Le Candace.

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Somapah (8 min)

Two former residents of this area take us down memory lane, interspersed with archival film.
By Patrick Khoo, Leong Jia Cheng, Heng Jia Wen, Yap Wei Jin.

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Dakota Crescent (8 min)

The memories and struggles of a residential complex about to be torn down.
By Aditya Manikashetti, Ming Zhaozi, Song Youngbin, Alan Ng.

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Saving the Siameses (9 min)

A tale of rescuing 95 Siamese cats, rehabilitating, and re-homing them.
By Amish Bhandri, Bryan Yenata, Chris Sandro, Archit Atul Date.