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Films made at the Non-Fiction Film Lab (located at the IDiA Annex) are produced by SUTD students enrolled in the elective, ‘Non-fiction and Ethnographic Film: Theory and Practice” (02.131) taught by Sandeep Ray. Students in the DH-minor programme should discuss enrolment with DH-minor advisor Alastair Gornall. Pre-requisites include prior exposure to media production and/or visual studies.

List of Films
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Passion Made Possible (12 min)

Three Singaporean artists reflect on the joys and troubles of their chosen paths.
By Hendriko Teguh, Mardhiany Junadi, Kenneth Sim, Cheng Huan An.

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Off Script (11 min)

Three SUTD students juggle academics with their creative passions.
By Tan Jing Ren, Francoise Ying, Poon Weng Shern, Steven Williams.

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Seamless (10 min)

A polymath SUTD student takes a hard decision to pursue his passion.
By Aravind SK, Reuben Wang.