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Student Posters
January-May term, 2019
02.137 Introduction to Digital Humanities

These are posters done by students at the end of the semester, depicting their work in progress for their final projects in the class. Students worked in small groups on their group-specific final projects on topics that they came up with themselves. Each final project involved each student group applying computational methods and techniques that they had learned in class (or knew on their own) to a research question of their devising — the objective being to gain understanding of how computational methods can help in humanistic inquiry and also to develop an appreciation of the possible limitations of digital methods when applied to complex questions of interpretation.

Student Groups

Student 1: Dhriti Wasan
Student 2: Isaac Ravindran

Student 1: Fred Chu
Student 2: Tran Thi Thien Tam
Student 3: Marvin Yeo Yue Jun

Student 1: Isaac Chang
Student 2: Siddhant Chandragadkar
Student 3: Jullian Yapeter

Student 1: Branson Lee
Student 2: Victor Lee
Student 3: Shadman Ahmed

Student 1: Lu Lili
Student 2: Wang Yidu
Student 3: Wu Kai

Student 1: Cordeiro Dominic Gabriel Tan
Student 2: Liu Menglu
Student 3: Siow Lee Sei
Student 4: Zhang Manyue

Student 1: Clara Ho
Student 2: Lim Jing Yun
Student 3: Justinian Siah

Student 1: Tan Xuan Rong Vance
Student 2: Tan Jin Kiat Jireh
Student 3: Fan Xue

Student 1: Tan Yi Xuan
Student 2: Isman Al Hoque
Student 3: Zhou Enna
Student 4: Lee Seung Eun

Student 1: Benjamin Ng
Student 2: Go Cheng Yan
Student 3: Clemence Goh
Student 4: Song Zhiguo

Student 1: Kee Ga Mun
Student 2: Goh Eng Xuan
Student 3: Loo Tan Tong
Student 4: Ryan Yu

Student 1: Ivan Chuang
Student 2: Timothy Liu
Student 3: Joel Huang
Student 4: Liew Cher Don