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Student Posters
January-May term, 2019
02.230 Health Communication and Behavior Change

Using cutting-edge theoretical insights derived from social psychology and communication, students worked in groups to design theoretically-informed health promotion interventions to tackle important health issues our world is facing today. These posters showcase the creative solutions our students have come up with in their final projects for this course.

Student Groups

Student 1: Adam Bin Ilyas
Student 2: Khairunnisa Kunhimohamed
Student 3: Hyo Joo Kim (Anna)
Student 4: Muhammad Faisal s/o Mohd Malik
Student 5: Marcus Yong

Student 1: Cheryl Chan
Student 2: Leong Wen Ting
Student 3: Tan Peng Hiang
Student 4: Yos Yohanes Hausjah

Student 1: Kong Shao Wei
Student 2: Sumedha Gn
Student 3: Wang Zijia
Student 4: Gou Yuanyuan
Student 5: Lam Xue Wei

Student 1: Lai Yee Qi
Student 2: Ng Jian Yi Mervin
Student 3: Cheng Mei Qing Natalie
Student 4: Chen Wenshu
Student 5: Elvin Kee Jun Yew

Student 1: Sylvia Soh
Student 2: Teo Yong Quan
Student 3: Tjia Wang Ying
Student 4: Ong Wei Yi
Student 5: Chloe Zheng

Student 1: Lee Kwan Meng
Student 2: Tan Oon Tong
Student 3: Rachel Gan
Student 4: Venessa Loke

Student 1: Wu Tong
Student 2: Lu Yidan
Student 3: Zhao Nailin
Student 4: Wang Zihao
Student 5: Gui Zitong

Student 1: Tan Tee Meng
Student 2: Xavier Chia
Student 3: Lieu Wei Ying
Student 4: Teng Yong Xiang
Student 5: Yeo Peng Heng

Student 1: Janice Tan
Student 2: Michelle Chandiari
Student 3: Dominic Lim
Student 4: Hamizan Haziq
Student 5: Kareti Bharat

Student 1: Charlene Boo
Student 2: Koh Seu Kim
Student 3: Liu Hao Wen
Student 4: Ong Zhi Long
Student 5: Sean Ng

Student 1: Lee Ze Bin
Student 2: Cheryl Low
Student 3: Yang Junjie
Student 4: Cheh Yek Teng
Student 5: Zhang Siyao

Student 1: Bilio Jeverson
Student 2: Derence Fang
Student 3: Hang Wee
Student 4: Lu Jiangyi
Student 5: Nicholas Goh Wei Jie

Student 1: Chua Wei Han
Student 2: Keane Teck Meng Lim
Student 3: Lim Cheng Le Gerald
Student 4: Nicholas Chan Zhi Wei
Student 5: See Wan Yi Faith

Student 1: Yeo Zhen Yong
Student 2: Wong Chi Seng
Student 3: Tan Jing Jie
Student 4: Jack Ng Guang Jie
Student 5: Huang Yi An