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Research Interests:
Humanities, Social Sciences
Discipline: Bioethics
Pillar / Cluster: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Teoh Chin Leong is Senior Lecturer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He was trained as a bioethicist at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Professionally, he has been involved in educating a wide range of students (from pre-tertiary to tertiary levels), and coached faculty, lecturers, teachers and trainers, as well as adult learners and workplace professionals. He has developed academic curriculum and professional learning workshops, designed multi-year courses and programmes, contributed to public education projects and fora, and taught in domains ranging from biomedical ethics to philosophy, ethics across the curriculum and adult teaching & learning.

His research and teaching focusses on methodological and substantive issues in practical/applied ethics, such as Bioethics and Science, Technology & Society, with published work exploring questions of poverty and marginalization, the ethics of incentives, the nature and limits of autonomy, and models of public discourse applied to socio-political and ethical issues. He is also interested in the design implications of productive models of ethical/civic literacies; dialogue and criticality in the real world; and the environmental, technological, psychological and personal contexts that bolster discourses and practices of truth, knowledge, empathy and justice. In addition, he has done scholarly work on the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and published in the interdisciplinary field of Education where he combines conceptual theorizing with practical instructional insight. He is actively involved in capacity-building initiatives for local and overseas educators in the areas of ethics, citizenship, critical thinking, dialogical inquiry, and Philosophy in Schools, and maintains a strong interest in the learning sciences and pedagogical innovation which informs his approach to research and teaching.

Selected Publications

  • “Ethical Issues in Payment of Research Subjects”. Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics, 2nd edition. Ed: Ruth Chadwick. Academic Press, 2012.
  • “Poverty and Indigenous Peoples”. The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics. Eds: Ruth Chadwick, Henk Ten Have & Eric Meslin. Sage Publications, 2011.
  • “Beyond Informed Consent: A Model of Collective Guardianship for Ethical Genetic Research”. Genomics and Bioethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Technologies and Advancements. Ed: Soraj Hongladarom. IGI Global. 2010.
  • “Religion, Civic Virtue and the Stem Cell Debate”. Contested Cells: Global Perspectives on the Stem Cell Debate. Eds: Benjamin Capps & Alastair Campbell. Imperial College Press, 2010.


  • Ph.D., Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore
  • M.A., Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore
  • B.A. (Hons.), Department of Philosophy, National University of Singapore
  • Certificate of Completion, Strategic Academic Development, Lund University (Sweden)


  • Practical/Applied Ethics (e.g. Bioethics; Science, Technology & Society)
  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • Higher-Order Thinking
  • Ethical & Civic Literacies
  • Philosophy in Schools
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Adult Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, Training & at the Workplace
  • Learning Design & Pedagogical Innovation