Research Interests:
Pillar / Cluster: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Tara Dankel is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, joining the faculty in early 2015 after receiving her doctoral degree from Harvard University. Her dissertation, “To Become Again What We Never Were: Foucault and the Politics of Transformation,” outlines the understanding of the subject that emerges from the late work of philosopher Michel Foucault. She is particularly interested in his examination of philosophical conversion and how daily practice shapes human subjectivity and potential for ethical action. In general, her research is meta-ethical, asking how values form and change, and how people interact with their world in the development of ethical selves. Since coming to SUTD, her thinking has turned to issues of technology and urbanism. Her research interests range widely–from religious fundamentalism, to pop culture, to classical Cynic and Stoic thought, to the impending singularity. She spends most of her free time walking and reading.

Key Publications (Articles and Book reviews)

  • Book Review of Simon O’Sullivan, On the Production of Subjectivity: Five Diagrams of the Finite-Infinite Relation in Foucault Studies 17 (Spring 2014)
  • “Public Rationality and Performative Religiosity.” Symposia 3, no. 1 (2011). 1-13
  • Book Review of Frances Hasso, Resistance, Repression and Gender Politics in Occupied Palestine and Jordan in Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 2, no. 2 (Spring 2006). 146-149
  • “Between Representation and Reality: A Moroccan Perspective on the Latest Gulf War.” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 4, no. 2 (Summer/Fall 2003). 143-148​


  • 2006-2015 - PhD, The Study of Religion, Harvard University
  • 2002-2004 - MA, Arab Studies, Georgetown University
  • 1999-2004 - BSFS, Middle East Studies, Georgetown University


  • 2012 - Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University
  • 2010 - Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University
  • 2006-2007 - Bin Talal Fellowship in Islamic Studies, Harvard University
  • 2007 - FLAS Fellowship for Arabic Study, Summer
  • 2004 - Distinction Awarded for Master's Thesis, "Media, Propaganda and Narrative: Analysis of the War on Terror”
  • 2003 - FLAS Fellowship for Arabic Study, Summer