Research Interests:
Pillar / Cluster: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Dr. Rowlins left his native England to begin his academic life in Paris, France, where he gained a heightened appreciation, not just of French cuisine, but literary romanticism, realism, existentialism and French cinema, in particular the New Wave movement of the 1960s. Dr. Rowlins’ passion for visual culture subsequently took him to the bright lights of Los Angeles, where he earned a doctorate at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. While exploring literature and film through a theoretical lens, as well as dabbling in filmmaking, his dissertation examined the crossover between postwar American and French cinemas, arguing that the subversive manipulation of Hollywood genre formulae by French films constitutes a political aesthetic.

Dr. Rowlins has held various teaching positions in Europe, America and Japan and he is excited to have landed in Singapore and to be part of the HASS team. In his current research, he is exploring connections between Asia and Europe, examining if the new availability and accessibility of filmmaking technology has led to a rebirth of youthful film productions comparable to the new waves of the 1960s.

Dr. Rowlins is Editor-in-Chief of the IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication and Film, accessible online at http://iafor.org/mediajournal.html.

Key Publications

  • “Editor’s Introduction” and “Interview with Anshul Tiwari.”  IAFOR’s Journal of Media, Communication and Film 1.1 (Summer 2013): 5-14. http://iafor.org/mediajournal.html
  • “Film Scholarship and the 50th Anniversary of the French New Wave.”  The London Film and Media Reader (October 2013): 10 pages.
  • “Cinema as Translucent Reality: The Actuality Aesthetic in the French New Wave.” University of Montréal Post-scriptum (March 2012): 9 pages.
  • “Chance, Fate and Destiny: Existentialism and French New Wave Cinema.” Sans Papiers 2010.1 (August 2010): 1-6. Web. http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/french_studies/publications/
  • “Michael Houellebecq : The Impossibility of Being an Island.” UCLA Paroles Gelées.25.1 (May 2009): 57-72.


  • Ph.D. in French, University of Southern California.
  • M.A. in Contemporary French Studies, University of London Institute in Paris, 2002.
  • B.A. (Hons) in French, University of London Institute in Paris, 2001.
  • CELTA, Trinity College, Cambridge, 2004.


  • USC Dornsife College Dissertation Writing Fellowship, 2011 – 2012.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2010.
  • Graduate School Fellowship for Dissertation Writing, 2010.
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2009.


  • Political Aesthetics in Film and Literature
  • New Wave Cinema and Film Noir
  • Filmmaking in the Digital Age
  • Contemporary Fiction and Visual Culture
  • Romanticism, Realism and Existentialism