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Research Interests:
Social Sciences
Discipline: Management and Organizations
Pillar / Cluster: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Grace has been teaching at varsities for over 10 years. At Massey University in Auckland New Zealand, she conducted courses in management theory and social responsibility with the Department of Management and International Business. She later moved to the School of Communication Studies at the Auckland University of Technology. She was involved in establishing the Creative Industries major from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and developing curricula in areas such as management, communication and creative work and workers. Grace also supervised several student projects at postgraduate level.

Prior to teaching in New Zealand, Grace worked in the communications field in Singapore in organisations such as the Singapore Economic Development Board, Meta HR and Communication and Enterprise IG. Her work allowed her to interact with over 100 companies in Singapore which ignited her interest in researching organisations.

Grace currently teaches electives in organisational processes and critical management studies. She also oversees the dual degree program with SMU. Her research interests include knowledge management, leadership theory, management case studies and rhetorical methodologies.


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