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From Netflix and YouTube Kids to TikTok and Instagram, children and adolescents are frequent users of media technologies and consumers of media content. Globally, organizations such as governmental agencies, schools, media companies, and technological firms will increasingly face challenges in catering digital media products to younger users. Understanding the impact of and complexities surrounding media for children is essential for aspiring product and software designers who want to work in the intersection between young people and media. This course provides a developmental perspective surrounding youths as media consumers. It introduces students to the major theories of child development and examines how media products can impact the lives of children across different age groups, from early childhood to adolescence. It is suitable for students with varying interests, especially those who are interested in working with technology or media content for youths. Some questions we will tackle include: How do children grow and learn? What are important things to consider when designing digital technology and media content for children? What are the effects of media use on youths across various age groups? How can media technologies and content be shaped in a manner that is responsible to future generations?

*Note: With the current CoV19 situation, the entire course and assessment will be online.

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Andrew Yee