02.231TS Transportation Technology and Policy in Urban Progress

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This course introduces a conceptual framework for understanding real-world topics related to transportation technology and urban policy applications by examining a variety of international cases and development practices, including Singapore and other emerging economies in Asia, in a comparative manner. Particularly, the course tries to inspect and explain the dynamic and complex interplays between (i) evolving transportation technology, (ii) entrepreneurial state policy, and (iii) urban market progress/shrinkage on different network levels and/or geographic scales – macro, mezzo, and micro – in contemporary development and even prospect management contexts. Therefore, the “technologies” covered by this course are not only typical urban travel modes within cities (e.g., private automobile, public transit, and non-motorized transportation) but also extensive and unconventional interregional passenger, freight, and communication systems across cities (e.g., aviation, high-speed rail, worldwide e-commerce and e-logistics, and emerging smart applications). The urban influences of various transportation technologies in globalization as well as localization are widely reviewed from engineering, financial, economic, environmental, and social standpoints, and technological potentials and policy challenges are proactively discussed for upcoming applications in Asia’s urban development and management contexts.

*Note: With the current CoV19 situation, the entire course and assessment will be online.

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Jin Murakami