02.218 Introduction to Psychology

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This course is an introduction to the study of psychology.  It is designed for students with a limited background in psychological studies and may serve as a foundation for more advanced level courses in psychology; however, it also serves students for whom this knowledge is a general contribution to a broad-based undergraduate education. Topics include research methods, biological basis of mind, learning, memory, thinking, language, intelligence, emotion, social influence, social cognition, altruism, human development, personality, and psychopathology.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe basic psychological concepts and themes.
  • Identify major psychological perspectives on common human behavior.
  • Apply basic research skills in their course project.
  • Communicate effectively, both in verbal and written form, in interactive academic discussions and group presentations, and research project reports.


  • Overview
  • The Brain (The Nervous System, Sensation, Perception)
  • Learning & Memory
  • Cognition (Thinking, Language, Intelligence)
  • Social influence, social cognition, altruism
  • Social processes (Emotion)
  • Human Development (Cognitive, Social, Adult)
  • Personality (Traits, Abnormality, & Psychopathology)
  • Health (Treatment of Mental Disorders)
  • Happiness (Well-being, Positive Psychology)

Course Requirements

Assessment Percentage
WEC – Course Participation:

  1. WEC – Attendance (10%)
  2. WEC – Research Participation (8%)
  3. WEC – Course Evaluation (2%)
WEC – Midterm Exam 20
WEC – Final Quiz 20
WEC – Research Project Report 20
WEC – Research Project Presentation 20

Yow Wei Quin