02.131DH Non‐Fiction and Ethnographic Film: Theory and Practice

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What are the differences between documentary, ethnographic and non-fiction films? Can a ‘documentary’ have actors in it? How does archival footage play a role in the re-construction of events? Can one make a ‘real’ documentary film with a smart phone? This course provides an overview of the evolution and practice of non-fiction cinema and trains students both in film appreciation and production. We shall critically analyze the development of this shape-shifting genre over the past hundred years and consider the significance of this cinematic form in contemporary society. Ethnographic theory will be utilized toward a practical application (making a film), and contextualized within emerging trends in the Digital Humanities. Cinema-verite filming, 3-point interview lighting, the use of archival footage, and sound recording techniques will be taught in workshop styled classes.


Students who wish to take enrol in this course (with the exception of those in Term 8 and DH Minors) are required to submit a brief response to the instructor on why they want to take this course along with links (if any) to portfolio in photo, video, visual studies.

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Sandeep Ray