02.124DH The Modern East Asian Nexus – A History

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This course explores the history of International Relations in the Asia Pacific – East Asia.

To appreciate these complexities in East Asia IR, students will be introduced to key events, personages, and documents. Students will also be provided with an “inside perspective,” cultivating a detailed understanding, based on current secondary sources, of the evolution of contemporary East Asia. In addition, students will be further guided along theories and concepts that will help them analyze East Asian International Relations history. Finally, students will be familiarized with past and current scholarships on East Asia IR, with due consideration for the debates about the nature of East Asia’s IR historical developments.

Not only is this elective reading intensive, the students will conceptualize and mold their arguments in a coherent form – the essay. At the same time, the students will work in groups to tackle a subset of each week’s main topic, effectively presenting their arguments in the oral form. Thus, the students will obtain from this elective a whole plethora of academic exercises to employ their communicative abilities as well as develop their critical mindedness.

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Pang Yang Huei