02.118 Film Studies II: Production

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A film is, in essence, a design project that relies on a number of creative and technical practices, logistical and financial operations and complex I.T. systems.  This course analyzes the key components of the workflow required to produce film, including many of the latest developments in camera and postproduction technology. The course builds on the skills acquired in HASS 02.103 (Film Studies: History, Theory and Practice), where students complement their studies of film history and theory with a basic filmmaking task.

This course provides students with a detailed overview of the processes involved in making professional cinema, the chance to experience each of the main roles (directing, scripting, camera, sound and editing) and to gain advanced skills in one or more of these domains. This will be achieved through a series of individual and group assignments, culminating in the production of a short film. While the focus of this elective is technical, the course simultaneously develops students’ critical appreciation of cinema as an art form – as they learn the intricate mechanics of filmmaking, they will gain a more sophisticated understanding of film language, that is to say, the visual and audio elements that determine meaning in film.

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