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This course on Leadership and Organization Management considers the characteristics of human interaction and cooperation that make organizations effective and efficient. Adopting a leadership perspective, the course syllabus covers organizational behavior, organizational management, organizational change and organizational leadership in a range of environmental and cultural contexts. The course develops the concepts of leadership and organization management by introducing well-established theories and practices, progressively exploring their applicability under group and organizational situations of varying contextual uncertainty and cultural diversity. The course guides students towards a practical appreciation of human cognitive, emotional and behavioral characteristics in organizations by developing a framework for applying appropriative global leadership, strategic and operational leadership approaches. The course combines conceptual and experiential approaches. It involves exercises,
case studies, lectures, videos and after-class assignments.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand complex organizational settings in order to take effective actions;
  2. Learn to build leadership capital and personal skills in teamwork;
  3. Equip with analytic tools to analyse, manage and lead organizations; and
  4. To take the student on a journey to help develop their own personal understanding and relationship with leadership and organization management.

Measureable Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate understanding of complex organizational settings;
  2. Ability to recommend effective actions for complex organizational settings;
  3. Ability to build capacity and skills for leadership and teamwork;
  4. Ability to use analytical tools to analyse, manage and lead organizations; and
  5. Demonstrate personal understanding and relationship with leadership and organization management.

Course Requirement

Assessment Percentage
WEC – Class Participation 20
WEC – Individual case analyses 30
WEC – Presentation and Final Assignment 50

Weekly Schedule

Week 1 – Foundations of Leadership

Week 2 – Self-Leadership

Week 3 – Understanding Power and Influence

Week 4 – Structuring the Team and Organization

Week 5 – Leadership in Organizations

Week 6 – Culture and Organizations

Week 7 – Recess Week

Week 8 – Leading Organizational Culture

Week 9 – Managing Organizational Changes

Week 10 – Contextual Leadership

Week 11 – Leadership in Hostile Environments

Week 12 – Authentic Leadership / Final Assignment Presentations

Week 13 – Strategic Leadership / Final Assignment Presentations


Graham Mitchelmore (ZJU)

This course will be conducted virtually