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May 11, 2019

Reading Sonnets in Singapore

By Rhema Hokama, Assistant Professor in HASS   This past term, as part of HASS’s new Lyric Poetry elective, 25 students gathered each week to read and discuss short poems spanning 500 years of modernity—from the Renaissance sonnet to the Twitter poem. This new elective provided students with an opportunity to explore the role that
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January 29, 2018

Film II – Production Studies

The starting pistol has sounded for this term’s HASS 02.201 Film II - Production Studies. Four film-making teams (30 students) will get a taste of film school boot camp by becoming writers, cameramen/women, editors, etc., and learning to use our 6K Scarlet RED Dragon cameras – the same model used to shoot Hollywood movies such as The Hobbit.
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November 20, 2017

The Multicultural Archipelago in History and Story

The idea for this course sprung from a series of conversations between the course instructors as they are both interested in understanding how groups of people in Singapore and elsewhere in this region identify themselves and relate to each other.
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October 11, 2017

History of International Development in Asia

Many students express the desire to apply their skills overseas in helping less fortunate communities address pressing everyday concerns - from the lack of clean running water to improving a children’s playground. While this impulse to ‘help’ may on the surface seem a good one, engineering and design projects in foreign locations often have deep social and political effects that are not immediately evident.
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September 25, 2017

Ancient Philosophies with a Digital Twist

HASS’ flagship course on Asian religion and philosophy, “Sages Through the Ages”, provides a 3000 year snapshot of some of the most important thinkers in Indian and Chinese intellectual history, beginning in northwest India in 1500 BCE and ending in southeast China in 1500 CE.
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September 18, 2017

On Morals and Markets

Earlier this year, Dr Olivia Nicol and Dr Zsombor Meder co-designed a new elective titled “Morals and Markets”. This collaboration between their two disciplines – sociology and economics – brought an innovative blend of ideas to the HASS curriculum.