The theory and practice of management has been, and still is, susceptible to management fads. Research has shown how ‘guru theory’, management consultants, business schools and popular media have introduced buzzwords, clichés and business jargon into regular corporate life and continue to do so until more critical and reflective management theory and practice are adopted.

Students who take this course will learn to examine management bestsellers, assess popular management theory and evaluate contemporary management practices through a critical lens. The hope is that by being aware of how management is fashioned, students are more reflexive and reflective of what they encounter in the workplace and in the future, better informed and equipped managers.


Students who have completed 02.202 Organizational Processes or 02.207 Organizations and People (SMU) or 02.302 Business Culture and Entrepreneurship in China (ZJU) will meet the pre-requisite. Other requests can be submitted and are subject to the approval of the course instructor.


Grace Dixon