1411, 2018

HASS Colloquium Series (By Associate Professor Ioannis Kalogerakos) – ‘The Philosophy of Human Affairs’: Ethics and Politics in Aristotle

Aristotle approaches ethics and politics as intertwined branches of philosophy. He argues for the interconnection between ethics and politics (i) by outlining the dimensions and the extent of human actions, individual and social alike, (ii) by declaring the essence of man as a political, i.e. a social being, and (iii) by underlining the role of city(/state) for the unfolding of man’s humanity and the achievement of happiness. [...]

211, 2018

Book Launch: Urban Ethics in the Anthropocene

This book aims to examine how urbanization and the urban process can create new ethical categories, shape new moral identities and relations, and lead to consequences that are morally significant. [...]