1901, 2017

Ethics and Economics Conference 2017

The conference aims at bringing together scholars from disciplnes such as economics, sociology, and philosophy to share their views on the interplay between ethics and economics. [...]


2104, 2017

Book Launch: Siam’s New Detectives

Assistant Professor Samson Lim’s latest book Siam's New Detectives presents an analytical history of the visual tools, from photographs and video to fingerprints and maps, employed by the Thai police when investigating crime. [...]

2104, 2017

Cartography and Asia – International Workshop

Maps have become ambiguous objects: while often considered as the quintessential scientific object, objective, disinterested, perhaps the only “true” representations of reality, they have, in recent decades, undergone a profound re-evaluation and reconceptualization, which have seen them vilified as pure instruments of power – political, colonial, economic, social. [...]